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Calibration Room

Test Equipment

We expand our inventory of test equipment every year. All our equipment is annually calibrated and audited to ensure the accuracy of all test results and to give our customers peace of mind.


Hartridge Sabre CRi Expert

Injector grading for various makes and models.

The Sabre CRi Expert is capable of testing upcoming high pressure injectors including Euro 6 heavy duty Delphi F2X injectors, Euro 4 Delphi Smart, Bosch 117 family, Bosch CRIN twin coil injectors, and Denso i-ART.


Bosch EPS 620 Plus ERT 45R Simulator Upgrade Kit

State of the art test bench for testing of Bosch inline pumps type A, B, M, MW, P, H, R, PF including the types with electronic governor. Test of distributor pumps type VE (IDI, DI-S, DI-L) including the electronic controlled type VEE. Caterpillar - Scroll Pumps, Sleeve Metering Pumps, New Scroll Pumps, Mechanical and Electronic Unit Injectors (C12, C15, 3406E, 3412E).

  • Analogical Control -Bosch VE-EDC (1st generation - resitive); Bosch VE-HDK (2nd generation - inductive); Bosch P-EDC, H, M, R in-line pumps; Delphi DPC-N; ZEXEL Covec-T, Covec-F1/F2, VRZ

  • Digital Control - Bosch VP29/30, VP44, VR30; Delphi DP210, DP310; Denso VE-ECD-V3, VE-ECD-V4, VE-ECD-V5

  • Common Rail (commercial vehicles) - Bosch CP1, CP1H, CP3, CP4; Delphi DFP1, DFP2; Denso HP3, HP4; VDO; Continental; Siemens

  • Common Rail (heavy duty vehicles) - Bosch CP2, CP35, CP9; Cummins XPI, Denso HP0, CAT-Perkins

ERT 45R Simulator.png

Bosch EPS 615

Test bench for testing and calibrating of Diesel pumps.

Maktest TK 1035 Plus KO 1758 Upgrade Kit

TK1035 is designed to be able to test all types of CR Pumps, including:

  • Caterpillar C4- C6

  • Denso HP0, HP3, HP4, HP5

  • Bosch CP1 - CP4

  • Cummins 

  • Komatsu

  • Continental Siemens

  • Delphi

KO 1758.png
TK 1024 add on.png

Maktest TK 1024-01 Plus KO 2700 Upgrade Kit

The TK 1024.01 tests HEUI injectors with precision.


HEUI Injectors C7, C9

Navistar / International / Ford - HEUI injectors

Perkins - HEUI injectors

Maktest TK 1026

Common Rail Injector Test Bench.


TK1026 Injectester CRI is more than a test bench with its fast measurement system and many updated features. The measuring system is even faster and capable to measure high flow injectors 
upto 1000 mm3/stroke. Another new feature is improved temperature control, providing more accuracy
in injector fuel readings.


Bosch EPS 200

Injector Test - for OE approved testing of all Bosch Conventional Injectors, 2 Spring Injectors and Common Rail Injectors

Maktest UTS 1004

Electronic Unit Injector and Unit Pump Test Bench. UTS1004 is the all makes Unit Injector and Unit Pump Test Bench.

  • Scania EUI

  • Volvo E1 - E3

  • Cummins

  • VW EUI

  • CAT CI5

  • Land Rover TD5

  • ISX

  • Iveco

  • Mercedes Benz


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